So I've just about chewed all my nails off out of sheer anxiety about writing this page.  Cuz writing about yourself is weird, guys.  It's WEIRD.  Also, I have had a pretty unconventional life, so I'm not sure what aspects are important to share here...?  A friend suggest that I write out a list of facts about myself and then go from there.  She is super type-A and I'm super type-NOT-A so I may have rolled my eyes at that idea (just a little).  But I have no more nails left to chew so I'm just gonna go with it.  

I am a:

1.  Wife to a husband WAY out of my league.  He's not only an amazing Dad and husband but he's pretty dang good looking to boot.  Plus, he's a chef so he makes me all the chef foods and I eat them all.  

2.  Mom to three adorable kiddos.  They are smart and fun and downright hysterical.  Also they are for sure turning my hair grey (which you will probably never see because I'm vain like that.)

3.  Military Spouse. Le Chef (the little nickyname I have for my hubs) is in the Coast Guard so we move A. LOT.  Right now he has some bougie chef job in Washington, DC and we live in Maryland.  Which we LOVE.  (I was surprised about that, too.)

4.  Jesus Lover.  I know. This should be my number one.  Technically it is, but I didn't want to look too aggressive right out the gate.  I'm not a "Bible thumping, in your face, burn in hell fire" kind of Jesus lover, but the kind that realizes I've been given a gift that I did not deserve and could never repay.  The kind that demands I love ALL people with the same amazing love that is shown to me DAILY (and sometimes hourly.)  I'm not perfect, so if you are going to hold me to some super high religious standard, I'm gonna tell you right now, you'll be disappointed.  I mess up.  I do the wrong thing.  I say the wrong thing.  I don't always have my 'ish together.  But I'm trying to grow and change and become a better disciple of Christ, and someone who directs people to His unbelievable love.  

5.  Lover of:  Coffee.  Culture.  Sushi.  Friends.  GOOD food.  Big Band music.  Anything vintage.  Reading.  The beach.  The sky and all things related.  

6.  Disliker of:  Cold weather.  Country music (I'm so sorry, please don't stone me!).  Water chestnuts.  Ostriches. Cleaning toilets.  All rodents (including squirrels).  

7.  Singer.  This fact was pretty much my identity for my entire life, until I got older and realized that no one is just one thing, and we all have MULTIPLE things to offer the world.  Even so, music is a HUGE part of my life.  I've sung at events all around the world, lead worship at hundreds of churches, and performed with musical theater and opera companies.  I'll be posting some music videos here so if you have a song you would like me to do, lemme know!  Right now my time is limited but I do perform/minister at a limited amount of events and ceremonies per year.  If you are interested, hit me up on my contact page, yo!

8.  Writer.  I like to talk and tell stories, so writing has just grown into a natural extension of that.  On this blog you'll see some posts that are just my thoughts, and some posts that read more like a short story.  I also really love to write biographical content and share other people's stories who maybe need a little bit of help getting their message out there.  If you know someone with an incredible store that needs to be shared, I would love to hear about them!

9.  Adventurer.  While this is by no means a travel blog, I am PASSIONATE about seeing and experiencing as much of this world as I can.  So I will post about my travels.  And share places where you can find good food (like legit- Le Chef has made me a bougie foodie).  And most importantly, I will talk about culture cuz it's one of my favorite things to talk about and I can't help myself.  

10.  Hot Mess. I really am and I'm okay with it!  I hit 30 and just decided one day that it was time to just own it.  So if you are looking for a concise, predictable, niche driven blog, you should keep scrolling.  This blog is a reflection of me, and for the first time in my life I am 100% okay with that.  So while I can't promise you blogging perfection, I CAN promise you vulnerability.  And raw honesty.  I promise to be transparent and real with you- hot mess and all.